Welcome to my vision for Nursery Next Door

Welcome to my vision for Nursery Next Door

This vision regarding creating Nursery Next Door has been a "work in progress", 2 +  year journey of mine.

I had always worked for an Employer- I had worked for 35 years as a Registered Nurse (now retired)  in Alberta- so initially I didn't have the proper mindset to trust my ability to create something of this magnitude. Early on in this journey, I allowed "experts" to take over and ended up spending more time and money than was necessary. I don't blame anyone- this is what often occurs when you give your power away and think others know the best way. I used all these experiences to develop my way, taking the good along with the bad advice. I guess this is what I needed to experience to get to where I am now. This is what I call just another journey of my life.

I think I have created something great that can help expectant and new parents and their families.

I hope people check out my website, along with all the social media platforms I am on. Thanks for reading this blog and it is here where I plan to post useful information for families. I hope I can help them one family at a time. Please check out my linktree link-  I have some pretty cool interviews I'd love to share! 

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Much Love- Sandra Brayer- CEO & Founder of Nursery Next Door Inc.