My Vision and Values

My vision and values are simple: I want to help expectant and new parents navigate this often scary world of having a new baby. Throughout my 34 year nursing career as a RN (now retired since May 2023), I have not only learned the skills to assist with baby care but  I also have experience with mental health concerns. These are often not addressed and are quite important. If you don't care for yourself, how can you care for your family? I have not only worked NICU and post partum areas, but I also have an adult child with special needs. I would LOVE to assist parents in similar circumstances  and show them how to navigate our every changing healthcare system. In 1997, I was able to secure government funding for my son with autism for a specialized intensive behavioral program (IBI) and sharing  my knowledge on how to advocate for your family would bring me joy!

Intuition and mindfulness are other skills I possess and I would love to teach parents. My experience has shown me when you don't trust this inner guidance that everyone has, often concerns can follow. I have created a simple but powerful program to help you connect with this inner guidance and make raising your family not only easier but FUN! I would love to help assist families to have an amazing experience preparing for and having a new baby!