Are You becoming disenchanted with the mainstream ideas about parenthood & you know, deep down, that there must be an easier & more spiritual way?

Are you wanting the practical wisdom of a former RN of 35 years, who acknowledges there is more to having a baby than just feeding, sleep schedules & fancy gadgets? Someone who understands that parenting is just as much about being  connected?

Are you prepared? What's your plan?

No turning back now. Can you implement your plan?

Now you need a new plan...

Learn how to read your babies needs. What each cry, moan, and stretch really means. Tap into your intuition to give your child what they really need.

Have you, or someone you know, had a disappointing birth experience, that wasn't the spiritually guided process you desire?

Do you know when its time to take your child in for medical care?

Do you know when to stay home and heal in comfort?

Special needs child? Trust Sandra's experience with this!

Breast is Best?

Well meaning but overbearing family?

These Programs Will Help You Learn:

 To listen to your intuition & soul's desires to create a beautiful birth process,  so you will feel confident in your parenting.

 Easy techniques to create a deep connection with your new soul baby, through an intuitively led birth process.

 To empower yourself to provide the care your newborn actually needs- NO fancy toys & gadgets necessary!

 To heal from past negative stories & be guided to gain the skills to develop your conscious birth blueprint, regardless of any past experiences.

About Nursery Next Door

I am an Intuitive mindset coach &  pre/post natal educator for expectant & new parents.

I help people shift their thought patterns regarding having a baby. I give them the tools & techniques to elevate their vibration so they can tap into their intuitive abilities & trust their decisions. As a retired RN of 35 years, with direct front line nursing experience working in post-partum, NICU & Health Link, I have the ability to share what valuable wisdom my years of nursing has given me.

Expectant & new parents need to stop doubting their abilities to have a great birthing situation & parenting experience.


Want easy to learn sleeping tips?

Easy To Learn Techniques To Become Confident & Empowered Parents