Are you so overwhelmed with everything you're "supposed" to know & do when you have a baby, that you haven't dropped into your deepest desires & intentions to create the soulful birth experience you truly want?

 Are You becoming disenchanted with the mainstream ideas about parenthood & you know, deep down, that there must be an easier & more spiritual way?

 Are you wanting the practical wisdom of a former nurse, who acknowledges there is more to having a baby than just feeding, sleep schedules & fancy gadgets? Someone who understands that parenting is just as much about being spiritually & intuitively connected to your child?

 Have you, or someone you know, had a disappointing birth experience, that wasn't the spiritually guided process you desire?

This Program Will Help You Learn:

 To listen to your intuition & soul's desires to create a beautiful birth process,  so you will feel confident in your parenting.

 Easy techniques to create a deep connection with your new soul baby, through an intuitively led birth process.

 To empower yourself to provide the care your newborn actually needs- NO fancy toys & gadgets necessary!

 To heal from past negative stories & be guided to gain the skills to develop your conscious birth blueprint, regardless of any past experiences.

About Nursery Next Door

I am an Intuitive Mindset Coach for expectant & new parents.

I help people move from feeling confused & overwhelmed to confident & empowered, as they welcome a new soul into their family.

Spiritual Grounding Support For A Conscious Birth Experience