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Nursery Next Door is pivoting at this time– our aim is to serve parents of babies 0 to 12 months of age.


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About Nursery Next Door

Most new parents are unsure how to properly care for their newborn baby. That’s why Nursery Next Door provides one-on-one personalized advice from experienced nurses, so new parents have the tools they need to confidently care for their baby.

Most New Parents Don’t Have The Support They Need.

Many new parents have decided to establish working in a career before having a baby. Now more than any other generation, we have older women having that first child. According to Stats Canada in 2011, this average age was 30.2 years. In some cases, these parent’s parents are still working too, unlike previous generations when the Mother often stayed at home. This can mean a lack of support from family to assist with caring for a baby. It often requires a village to care for a baby, so this is where Nursery Next Door can assist families.

My Experience as a 34 Year Veteran Nurse

Sandra Brayer is an experienced nurse of 34 years, and since 2013 has been working exclusively with babies, on postpartum units and the Neonatal ICU. Not only that, she has an adult son with special needs (Autism), which provides her a different perspective. She has the expertise, empathy and compassion to work with parents of this population. Let us help you in this new journey through parenthood, to become successful great parents (COMING SOON)!


Sandra is a knowledgeable, highly skilled nurse with approximately 30 years experience. Her flexibility and expertise ranges from adults to the neonates in the NICU! As a work colleague I found her to extremely organized, dependable and reliable. Sandra believes in providing the utmost quality of care for her patients through her dedication and level of compassion.
Congratulations on the Nursery Next Door project. Best wishes always!!!–Momina Makbool

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra in a variety of nursing fields. Her experience and knowledge has resulted in Sandra being a leader and a subject matter expert in the eyes of her colleagues.
Sandra will take the extra steps required to ensure the entire family is comfortable, but at the same time does not mix words and is straight forward when difficult conversations are needed.
Sandra’s experience at work and in her personal life makes her a perfect fit for providing this type of care.–Jennifer Dougiez

Nursery Next Door is a brilliant new business! I am delighted to recommend Sandra to for expert advice, coaching and mentoring for parents with newborns.
I met Sandra working in neurosurgery and a variety of surgical specialties. Her nursing care, knowledge and assessment skills are on point, in a word, excellent.–Renee Murray RN (con’t)

She is the nurse I want caring for me when things go wrong. Indeed, her insight and interventions can help prevent a crisis. She has a passion for nursing and wellness, and parents will be well served by calling the expert at Nursery Next Door.
Renée Murray RN

Sandra did an excellent job taking care of our son in NICU. She was gentle, caring & sweet with our son. She also provided very good tips, advice & well wishes once we were discharged. Thank you so much, Sandra!–Morgan Smits

Sandra is so knowledgeable and has a special way of making new moms feel so calm and comfortable. Sandra worked with my husband and I when we had our first child premature at 33 weeks. Such a scary time for us, but Sandra made it feel a lot less scary. We learned lots and appreciate everything she did for us.– Aimee Hunter